Alien Nation

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Edited by: John Gill, Jens Hoffmann, Gilane Tawadros Texts by: Claire Fitzsimmons, Jens Hoffmann, David Alan Mellor, Cylena Simonds, Gilane Tawadros/John Gill, Greg Tate English 2006, 120 Pages, 92 Ills. Hardcover 278mm x 199mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1944-5
Besides biographies of all the artists, the volume also contains a small selection of original posters for science fiction films and a glossary of the names of extraterrestrials in each of their films.

In the cinema of the 1950s and ‘60s the fear of an atomic catastrophe or a communist attack—subjects that were taboo during the long period of the Cold War—were processed in science fiction films. In recent years artists around the world have once again taken up elements of science fiction, as powerful metaphors to represent our deep-seated fears toward the Other, the foreigner.
Alien Nation introduces twelve contemporary artists, whose sometimes humorous, sometimes provocative works of film, sculpture, photography, and installation describe a disquieting image of the current way of dealing with the frequently decried »invasion« of immigrants, asylum seekers, or people of different skin colors and beliefs.


Exhibition schedule: ICA London, November 14, 2006–January 14, 2007 · Manchester Art Gallery, March 17–May 7, 2007 · Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts, Norwich, October 2–December 9, 2007