Coverbild ORTLOS - Architecture of the NetWORKS
ORTLOS - Architecture of the NetWORKS
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Author: David Carson, ORTLOS architects
Foreword: Thom Mayne
September 2005 , 216 Pages
239mm x 201mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1652-9
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Ortlos is German for "placeless." It is also the appropriate designation for a virtual architectural office and discussion forum dealing with experimental architecture, urban planning, media theory, art installations, and product and interface design. Architects, web designers, media theorists, media artists, and information-technology specialists from around the world work together off-site, independent of a specific workplace. The conceptual and design process goes on in collaboration in a trans-local environment, created out of a network of virtually combined workplaces. The architects of ORTLOS characterize the "end of architecture" in a way that is comparable to American graphic-design legend David Carson's radical description of the "end of the print medium." This unique publication, the result of an unusual creative collaboration between ORTLOS and Carson, presents a dozen projects, dating from 2000 to 2003.
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