One Step Beyond Wiederbegegung mit der Mine

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Edited by: Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, Catherine David Photographer: Andreas Zierhut, Lukas Einsele Author: Lukas Einsele German, English 2005, 192 Pages, 93 Ills. Plastic cover 236mm x 174mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1604-8
"Best-Designed German Book Prize," 2006. Two euros from each sale go to medico international e.V., to aid landmine victims.

In his thought-provoking project ONE STEP BEYOND - The Mine Revisited, Lukas Einsele establishes concrete relationships between land mines and their victims. Working in some of the most heavily mined countries in the world - Angola, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Cambodia - he spoke with victims of mine explosions, who provided him with accounts as well as sketches of the scene of their accidents. He photographed each victim with a large-frame camera and juxtaposed each personal account with documentary material showing the type of land mine that may have been responsible for the accident. Even long after the end of hostilities, civilian populations remain extremely vulnerable to the threat posed by land mines. Articles by contributing authors approach the subject from political and philosophical as well as medical and humanistic points of view. The book also provides information on such subjects as mine-clearing activities, public education programs, and rehabilitation projects. (web concept: David Promies) Exhibition schedule: United Nations und Goethe Institut, New York City, starting November 2005 (project curator: Jessica Beebone)