Wolfgang Laib Ohne Ort, ohne Zeit, ohne Körper

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Edited by: Museum Villa Rot German, English August 2004, 64 Pages, 29 Ills. Softcover 230mm x 171mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1513-3
This small volume gives a concise overview of the whole range of Wolfgang Laib's works and places them vis-à-vis selected works of art from Tibet and India.

Characterized by striking formal simplicity, purity of material, and a palpable spiritual quality, the meditative works of Wolfgang Laib are among the most impressive products of contemporary German art. His work entitled Without Place, without Time, without Body has been put on permanent loan by the power plant OEW at the Museum Villa Rot, an institution dedicated to promoting "cultural encounter." Wolfgang Laib took the occasion as an opportunity to juxtapose his own installations with works of Indian and Tibetan art in an exhibition. The book documents this unusual encounter, presenting quotations from The Upanishads and the Tao Te Ching selected by the artist alongside such extraordinary works as a southern Indian Shiva statue from the tenth or eleventh century placed next to a Milkstone, a work composed of pollen, beeswax ships, Rice Meals, a stairway painted with black Burmese lacquer, works of photography, and installation photographs. Exhibition schedule: Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden-Rot, June 20-August 15, 2004