Coverbild Martin Eder
Martin Eder
Die kalte Kraft
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Edited by: Kunstverein Lingen Kunsthalle
Foreword: Heiner Schepers
Texts by: Thomas Girst
German, English
October 2004 , 160 Pages , 0 Ills.
272mm x 216mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1474-7
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Martin Eder's kittens are "very cute," but only on first sight. The intoxicating colors of his sultry young female nudes also conceal hidden, murky depths.
This unprecedented publication guides the reader through the complete oeuvre of Martin Eder. Born in Augsburg in 1968, Eder studied in Leipzig and now lives and works in Berlin. His work has been the focus of considerable critical and public interest for many years. The icy gaze of his angora cats, the disconcerting lasciviousness of his nude models, the disturbing expansiveness of his room-sized installations-the many different moods evoked by Eder's visual language must be approached with caution. Eder is neither a charlatan nor a pornographer. His works and installations revolve around the chimeras of his imagination, and he often blurs the boundaries between personal and media experience, between horror and the erotic. Nothing but kitsch? With seeming carelessness, he splatters paint, eradicates contours, leaves voids here and there-the obsessive coloring book of a moody child. And this book plays along with the artist's baffling game. Exhibition schedule: Kunstverein Lingen Kunsthalle August 15 -October 10, 2004
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