Werner Schmalenbach Über die Liebe zur Kunst und die Wahrheit der Bilder

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Dieses Buch ist leider vergriffen

Texts by: Dr. Susanne Henle, Werner Schmalenbach German 2004, 224 Pages, 93 Ills. Softcover 240mm x 170mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1463-1
This collection of conversations contains examples from all epochs of art history and is an original, wonderfully maverick “visual education.” Seldom does one learn so much about art in such an entertaining and amusing way.

"Because what does art want? It's not made to be understood, it's made to grab you in some way." Werner Schmalenbach, author of a series of authoritative books on art, speaks more passionately and knowledgeably about art than almost anybody else. Unafraid of emotions, feeling obligated to the visual only, he has always proven that he is independent of the opinions of others. He spent almost thirty years assembling the famous North Rhine-Westphalian art collection in Düsseldorf. Susanne Henle, art historian and journalist, talks to Schmalenbach about his love for the art of many different eras. They discuss the emotions that the works evoke in Schmalenbach and his strong notions about what actually makes art great. It's also about always questioning conventions in an inspirational way, in order to convey a sense of immediate accessibility to the work of art. Unorthodox, amusing, and instructive all at the same time, this generously illustrated volume is a true "visual education."

»His plea for clear scrutiny is amusing, forthright, and very personal. And the excitement his words express is infectious.«


»Schmalenbach’s outlook often leads to an unusual proximity to the work of art. He knows how to translate the eye directly into language.«


»One can get irritated by Schmalenbach’s edges. Sparks fly. That does one good.«