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Reading the City
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Edited by: SBA/Scheppe Böhm Associates
Contributions: Florian Böhm, Luca Pizzaroni, Wolfgang Scheppe
August 2002 , 544 Pages , 0 Ills.
235mm x 180mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1221-7
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A chair is a chair is a bottle container is a fire hydrant is a street. Fire hydrants are abused as seats and then grow spikes for their protection; bags and tarpaulins become membranes making the concealed objects appear vulnerable. Doors, blackboards, signs, cars, columns, masts, people and the street itself are used as fields of communication, trading and projections, they tell stories, explain the present, advertise, forbid, allow, remember... Using New York as an example, the photographic project EndCommercial(r) deals with the urban space, dissecting it into its semantic components. Picture for picture, photograph for photograph, the inner grammar of the urban context reveals itself. Collected in and on the streets, the principles of order and life signs of biotopes at the bottom end of the economic process are documented: Writings on the wall, signs on the street, codes, symbols, fragments, authorship of the anonymous, wear and tear of the public living space and the people who use it. The surprise the book holds is the sudden perception of what has frequently been seen but never really registered. The editors: Florian Böhm, born 1969 in Germany. Formerly a professional skateboarder and magazine editor, his work encompasses photography, graphic design and creative consultancy. Co-founder and creative director of SBA. Luca Pizzaroni, born in Italy in 1970. He started working at Cine Citta and is making films and documentaries that have been featured in international film festivals. He moved to New York City in 1996, where he started the popular outdoor film project Open Cine that has been extensively covered by the media. Wolfgang Scheppe was born in 1955 in Germany. He studied philosophy and linguistics, gaining his doctorate in communication and language theory. Co-founder and creative director of SBA. SBA / Scheppe Böhm Associates was a multidisciplinary creative office based in Munich and New York. Founded in 1993 SBA's working philosophy merges a theoretical approach with a high aesthetic intention. SBA also initiates non-commercial projects involving artistic and scientific themes. Their work has received numerous awards, notably from the ADC New York, ADC Germany and the European Design Awards.
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