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Art & Economy
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Edited by: Dr. Beate Hentschel, Dr. Dirk Luckow, Dr. Zdenek Felix
Texts by: Konstantin Adamopoulos, Gérard A. Goodrow, Susan Hapgood, Michael Hutter, Helene Karmasin, Michael Müller, Andreas Spiegl, Wolfgang Ullrich u.a., Dr. Zdenek Felix
German, English
March 2002 , 312 Pages
297mm x 212mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1126-5
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Numerous artists of both sexes nowadays deal with the manifestations of surroundings characterized by economic factors. They emulate economic images, processes and strategies in order to reflect the phenomena and conditions of the economic reality both in a mimetic and process-like way. These ambivalent and never affirmative approaches reflect artistic definitions in a time characterized by globalization. On the other hand, trade and industry, design and advertising have also been actively seeking the proximity of art. Enterprises have become competent clients and collectors. Art serves to create a corporate identity, to motivate employees and to legitimize economic activities via social responsibilities. Art & Economy collects positions which take a stand on these interrelationships. Can art lead a double existence between an artistic and an economic identity? Is it taking on a new role via establishing 'creative synergies'? Which 'value' does the economy attach to art? Can art reveal its way of functioning with its very own means?
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