Coverbild Werkstatt Europa - Positionen europäischer Gegenwartskunst
Werkstatt Europa - Positionen europäischer Gegenwartskunst
Paul Morrison, Marianne Heske, Massimo Bartolini, Ivan Kafka
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Edited by: Jürgen Knubben
Texts by: Giorgio Bonomi, Ralf Christofori, Michael Hübl, Dr. Ursula Zeller
Foreword: Jürgen Knubben
German, English
July 2001 , 88 Pages
245mm x 194mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1069-5
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For the project Workshop Europe 2000, the city of Rottweil invited four artists from all four corners of Europe to live and work at Rottweil. All works created on this occasion are now finally available in a book, for the first time allowing a comparative viewing of works that feature unique but at the same time representative positions of contemporary European art. Marianne Heske, for instance, who recently caused a stir with her Room of Silence in the Norwegian pavilion at EXPO 2000, continued a theme quite central to her wirk - the question of projection and reality - in her production Troll Video. In Massimo Bartolini's room installation - heavily influenced by the principles of Tuscan architecture and landscaping - the human body functions as an integral part of the composition next to soil and plants. In Paul Morrison's artificial landscapes, the borders between the figurative and the image are blurred by strict schematization and heavily contoured black-and-white contrasts. And finally, the installation by the concept artist Ivan Kafka, a poetic, strictly formal work consisting of threads, cotton wool and light, was celebrated by art critics as the embodiment of a 'maximal nothing'.
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