Synagoge Stommeln Kunstprojekte

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Edited by: Stadt Pulheim, Gerhard Dornseifer, Angelika Schallenberg Texts by: Prof. Dr. Siegfried Gohr, Armin Zweite u.a., W. Michael Blumenthal, Doris von Drathen, Erich Franz German, English 2000, 184 Pages, 56 Ills. Hardcover 240mm x 169mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0999-6

In 1991, the City of Pulheim initiated an unusual art project: the Project "Synagogue Stommeln". Outstanding contemporary artists were invited to realize a work of art, entering into a dialogue with the historical site, the space itself, its architecture and history. In the same year, the arte povera artist Jannis Kounellis laid the cornerstone to this successful exhibition series, followed by Richard Serra, Georg Baselitz, Mischa Kuball, Eduardo Chillida, Maria Nordman, Carl Andre, Rebecca Horn and Erich Rausch in the years after. This year´s tenth exhibition in the series, which is designed by Giuseppe Penone, is the occasion for this book featuring the individual works of all participating artists since 1991 as well as essays by renowned authors - a fascinating discourse about the powers of memory and history in contemporary art.