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Inflight Magazine
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Edited by: Johan Grimonprez
September 2000 , 128 Pages
277mm x 214mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0993-4
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"Inflight Magazine" puts a subversive twist on airline safety safety pamphlets and magazines. Readers are taken onto a jarring flight through their own experiences, memories and emotions.
Almost everyone who ever sat in an aeroplane has looked at them once - the safety instructions or high-gloss magazine of the airline. To calm his or her nerves, perhaps, or to pass some time. The Inflight Magazine offers both distraction and entertainment by means of a special thrill: Formally disguised as a magazine, it functions as an artistic manual for hijackers, equipped with such essentials as a safety instruction card and a sick bag. What may be taken for a shrill, pointed joke, for the Belgian artist Johan Grimonprez serves as an illumination of the "value of the spectacular in our culture of catastrophe". The magazine denounces the media event, it "attempts to reveal the influence of pictures on our feelings, perception and memory." Viewers and readers are taken onto a flight which leads them jarringly through their own experiences, memories and emotions, allowing them to gain critical distance to the media. The Inflight Magazine accompanies a travelling exhibition around the world (Ghent, New York, Copenhagen, Athens, Berlin, Oslo, Cambridge, Brussels).
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