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Janine Antoni
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Edited by: Cristina Bechtler/INK TREE Edition
Texts by: Dan Cameron, Amy Cappellazzo, Rosa Martinez, Nancy Spector, Marina Warner, Ewa Lajer-Burcharth
April 2000 , 162 Pages , 0 Ills.
285mm x 233mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0932-3
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This is the first monograph about Antoni, featuring extensive documentation and discussion of all her major works.
Janine Antoni plays a leading role in the performance and installation arts of the nineties. At the centre of all her works is her own body, and with it various forms of its absence and invisibility in a context of visibility. She establishes precise transitions between a trace of her own body, an autonomous objet d´art and a functional object, and, in the process, also addresses the tense relationship between performance and installation. Thus, she "draws" with the twitch of her eyelashes, "paints" with her hair, or "sculptures" blocks of fat with her teeth, fashioning a lipstick from the crumbs she spits out - a tool that may once more serve to aestheticize the body. Nevertheless, Antoni´s point of departure mostly is the sleeping, resting, more or less prenatal body. In Slumber, an electric encephalograph is used to record the instinctive movements of her pupils, and the resulting graphic pattern is integrated into a weaving piece on the day after, which, in turn, serves as her blanket at night. Here is the first monograph about the artist, featuring extensive documentation and discussion of the above piece and all her other major works.
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