Coverbild William N. Copley
William N. Copley
»True Confessions« - Gemälde und Zeichnungen
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Edited by: Brigitte Reinhardt, Ulmer Museum
Texts by: Carl Haenlein, Kai Heymer u.a.
German, English
May 1997 , 128 Pages
275mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0697-1
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This first publication following William N. Copley's death in 1996 offers an extensive survey of the previously little-known life's work of the artist, an oeuvre of importance with regard both to the tradition of Dada and Surrealism in America and to American Pop Art painting. Copley's decision to become a painter, one he did not reach until 1947, came during the time in which Surrealist immigrants to America were exhibiting their work in his gallery. In 1951Copley travelled with Man Ray to Paris. During his years there he was greatly influenced by the Surrealist circle and by Pop Art. His works are most notably characterised by the use of trivial motifs dominated by the themes of love and sex, pin-ups and comical depictions of typical scenes of American everyday life. His repertoire also comprised not only the ironic treatment of national symbols but the subversive parody of well-known masterworks of art as well. The artist: William N. Copley (New York 1919-1996 Key West, Florida); founding of the Copley Galleries in Beverly Hills, California, 1947; his own artistic work dates from the same year; stay in Paris, 1951-1964, where he lived among the Surrealists; return to the US in 1965.
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