Coverbild Krischanitz, Federle
Krischanitz, Federle
Neue Welt Schule
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Edited by: Kunsthaus Bregenz, archiv kunst architektur, Prof. Dr. Edelbert Köb
German, English
April 1995 , 68 Pages
202mm x 165mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0520-2
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This small building set in the Vienna "Praterauen" combines in an equally radical and exemplary fashion the aims of the architect and the painter. Its structural design and spatial configuration respond to the specific characteristics of the construction site, although both exhibit formal restraint in their concentration on the archaic values of light, space and material effects. The colour scheme gives expression to the reduced material palette from within in a similarly puristic manner, while generating at the same time unusual yet, upon closer examination, fascinating links to the colour spectrum of the natural surroundings. The Neue Welt Schule - built on a minimal budget with funds provided by a foundation for refugee families from eastern Europe - is by no means a cute, colorful, brightly illuminated microcosmic world. It is an entirely provocative work of art in a unique landscape environment.
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