Coverbild Die Tunisreise
Die Tunisreise
Klee Macke Moilliet
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Edited by: Dr. Ernst-Gerhard Güse
January 1982 , 328 Pages
270mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0177-8
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In April 1914, painters Paul Klee, August Macke, and Louis Moilliet undertook a journey to Tunisia. This event, later famous, is a milestone in twentieth-century art history: the fortunate moment in which a distant, wonderful land deeply touched European painting and enlightened it with its colorful glow… For Macke and Klee, the meaning of the journey lay especially in the overwhelming effect of the North African world, which subjected the thinking and abstract works of the European painters to a renewed, strong fascination with nature. The painters, who had been under the strong influence of Delaunay's "Orphism" since 1912-13, found a fundamental, new artistic orientation in the countless new motifs, color tones, and rhythmic forms. The results of the journey are documented by the book's many illustrations. IMPORTANT: This book is only available in German.
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