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Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
Salt Works
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Edited by: Nadine Barth
Artist: Tom Hegen
Texts by: Annalena Erhardt, Tom Hegen, Mark Kurlansky, Sabine Schwarzfischer
Graphic Design: Tom Hegen
December 2022 , 288 Pages, 168 Ills.
350mm x 286mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5403-3
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| The Beauty of One of the Basics Elements of Life
Salt’s ionic lattices are one of the central elements of organic life. But even though the extraction of sea salt is one of the oldest forms of human landscaping, we rarely ask where salt comes from and how it is produced. Sea salt production sites are found all over the world, usually located around shallow shorelines. Tom Hegen has explored these magical landscapes from the air and obtained spectacular images in the process. This gorgeously illustrated book shows how the landscape has been shaped by salt mining and how the mining process has created structures that take on an almost painterly, abstract quality in Hegen's photographs. Salt Works is a study of color and geometry, an ode to beauty of the everyday.

TOM HEGEN (*1991, Augsburg) is one of the most high-profile aerial photographers of our time. In his works, the Augsburg-based photographer documents the traces that man leaves on the earth’s surface. He has received several awards, most recently the Red Dot Design Award (2021) and the German Design Award (2019).
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