Coverbild Jari Silomäki
Jari Silomäki
Jari Silomäki
Jari Silomäki
Jari Silomäki
Atlas of Emotions
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Edited by: Asia Zak Persons
Texts by: Maria Faarinen, Saara Haclin, Pauliina Pasanen, Andrey Shabanov
Graphic Design: Juha Nenonen
November 2022 , 240 Pages
290mm x 212mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5158-2
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| Character and Person in Digital Space
Atlas of Emotions is a record of worldwide events of the early twenty-first century told through the stories of social climbers, turning points in the lives of people posting anonymously on the internet, global politics, and two decades of the photographer’s own personal life.

JARI SILOMÄKI (*1975) is a Finnish photographer. He is a graduate of the Turku Arts Academy and Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. His central method of expression is narrative documentary photography, which intimately couples visual art with textual expression.
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