Amuse-bouche Der Geschmack der Kunst

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Edited by: Museum Tinguely, Basel Texts by: Antje Baecker, Dr. Ralf Beil, Marisa Benjamim, Felix Bröcker, Elisabeth Bronfen, Karin Leonhard, Thomas Macho, Wolfgang Meyerhof, Annja Müller-Alsbach, Jeannette Nuessli Guth, Maren Runte, Charles Spence, Daniel Spoerri, Paul Stoller, Roland Wetzel, Stefan Wiesner Graphic Design: Neil Holt German Februar 2020, 144 Pages, 30 Ills. Softcover 236mm x 160mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4638-0
| Not a Question of Taste

One literally can’t argue about taste, but there is certainly a lot to say about it. How is it articulated within the spectrum of our senses? And how are perceptions of taste created in the first place? Can taste be manipulated? How can taste be verbalized? What role does the experience of taste play in social interaction and as artistic material?
After the Museum Tinguely addressed visitors’ senses with Belle Haleine: The Scent of Art and Please Touch: Art’s Sense of Touch, an interdisciplinary symposium on taste and food culture followed in early 2019, which put the many fields of human activity affected by taste to the test. This book contains the resulting essays written from the points of view of art and cultural history, as well as psychology, linguistics, and biochemistry.

This book is also available in English.
Museum Tinguely, Basel
February 19—July 26, 2020