"Without music, this book would not have been written." ⸺ Like no other city in the world, Los Angeles invites you to play with illusions. At every turn, you wonder if you're on a movie set or if the desert climate has produced a mirage heat flash. Los Angeles-based Italian Gianluca Galtrucco has found images full of situational comedy that blur the line between reality and staging. Nadine Barth talks to him about his illustrated book For your Consideration.

Nadine Barth: When did you start to take pictures?

Gianluca Galtrucco: With 11 years old at Camp Timanous in Maine, I took panoramic shots of Sebago Lake. I fell in love with the entire visual experience.

I read on artnet that you studied at the Academia Scientifica. What did you study there? And then you were an assistant to Antonio di Falco?

GG: Liceo Scientifico Gonzaga in Milan, where I convinced myself that photography was my "thing"—we had a great professor Mario Bez who inspired me with the entire process. During school road trips he always had a camera and I noticed that he was always shooting interesting elements. I would love one day to see his images again.
Antonio di Falco was a mentor and an amazing artist. He passed away a long time ago. I am still studying—learning every day.

When did you move to LA and why?

GG: I have been a fan of LA since I traveled with my family when I was a teenager. I always wanted to live here, mostly because of the light. This city inspires me every day; I moved here after I finished high school in Milan. Got married when I was 23. I recently became a citizen.

Many of your images look like filmsets. Do you build them or are you at those sets anyway?

GG: Some sets were already there, some were inspired by my favorite filmmakers and photographers. Some were orchestrated by me and my main collaborator Marco Campanini. He has been pivotal from day one in the entire process.

Your family background is fashion, right? Do you see in your pictures also a certain „style“?

GG: I have been raised in a fashion environment. I have great respect for that, although this book is not focused on any particular style. It is about the environment.

Sometimes your titles are very poetic and funny. How do you find them? By singing under the shower?

GG: LOL! I whistle under the shower. I am a terrible singer. But my best ideas are usually created when I swim. Maybe because I am water sign.
Technically speaking I worked 7 months on the titles. I wanted them to add to the narrative structure of the book. Some are funny, some are human, some are poetic, some are political, some pay tribute to music. Without music blasting in my ears this book would not exist.

Are you a very funny person, too, telling jokes to your friends?

GG: I definitely have room for improvement. At the end of the day, between me and you, in my next life I wish to be a stand up comedian. The next Louis C.K.!

Veröffentlicht am: 20.05.2023