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Titus Schade
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Edited by: Konschthal Esch
Texts by: Turit Fröbe, Christian Mosar, Helene von Saldern
Interview with: Raimund Stecker
Graphic Design: Katharina Fiedler, Maria Magdalena Meyer, Titus Schade
German, English
April 2024 , 120 Pages , 85 Ills.
302mm x 244mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5763-8
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Titus Schade’s work explores painting and its visual space. With sets that resemble backstage areas, he creates spaces that lie somewhere between models and scenography. Schade thus imagines a range of architectural forms and furnishings that take the viewer into a private world. Schade does not seek to replicate reality, but uses an array of surrogates that he reorganises in his self-contained environments. He uses baroque lighting set-ups with his forms and structures, which are usually of an architectural nature. In his work, classical landscapes coexist with geometric forms whose timelessness allows for a universal reading.
Konschthal Esch, Luxembourg
March 16–September 1, 2024
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