Coverbild SANYU: L'Homme et l'oevre peint à l'huile
SANYU: L'Homme et l'oevre peint à l'huile
Volume un: sa vie
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Author: Rita Wong
Graphic Design: Glenn Suokko
April 2024 , 248 Pages
Hardcover with American Dust Jacket
342mm x 282mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5664-8
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Sanyu: His Life and Works in Oil traces the life of the Chinese artist (1895–1966) from his early years in China and Japan, to his artistic experimentation and development in Paris and New York, ending in his tragic death, impoverished and forgotten. Today, however, Sanyu is one of the most coveted Chinese modern artists. An examination of his life reveals that it was precisely the polarities and tensions he experienced that spurred him to create a unique pictorial language that so dynamically integrated the spirit of Western modernity with centuries-old established Chinese traditions. Sanyu metamorphosed from a Chinese artist of the modern period to a modernist with Chinese cultural roots. These intersecting dynamics resulted in a hybridization previously unseen.
Featuring examples of his works of all genres and drawing on a wealth of archival material as well as personal stories recounted by people who knew Sanyu, this biography is the most comprehensive record of Sanyu’s life to date.
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