Therese Weber Topografien der Räume / Topographies of Spaces

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Edited by: Isabel Balzer, Christoph Baumer Texts by: Isabel Balzer, Christoph Baumer, Alexandra Stäheli, Therese Weber, Isabel Zürcher German, English November 2023, 160 Pages, 120 Ills. Lay-flat binding with flaps 300mm x 244mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5518-4

It was the pioneering spirit in American Paper Art that sparked Therese Weber’s interest in the material far beyond its conventional use. As an artist and researcher, she has since devoted herself to the medium and its cultural history, translating the process of paper pouring and dipping into an individual language of images and form. From paper creations using paper fiber and pulp painting, to research into prehistoric rock carvings and site-specific installations and performative actions in remote desert and mountain regions, Therese Weber’s artistic practice displays a methodological diversity. Her research trips and prolonged stays in Japan, China and Central Asia were decisive for the artist’s concepts. This book presents the focal points of her work, but also shows how the artist interweaves different media and themes. Exploring the spatial context between center and periphery, the notion of borders and border crossings is at the heart of her visual vocabulary and charecterizes her artistic language.THERESE WEBER (*1953 Switzerland) is one of the most important protagonists of Paper Art. The Swiss artist weaves photography, drawing, object and performative actions into an innovative visual language. Expeditions to the Far East and to Central and Southeast Asia have shaped her artistic research focus over the past thirty years.