Ted Stamm Series

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Edited by: Justus F. Kewenig, Cinta Villapadierna-Kewenig Texts by: Tiffany Bell, Christine Mehring, Jeffrey Saletnik, Andrew Wasserman, Elizabeth Ashley Fox, Per Haubro Jensen Graphic Design: Fasson Freddy Fuss English, German 2023, 248 Pages, 150 Ills. Hardcover 298mm x 228mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5507-8

Ted Stamm’s paintings, drawings and performative works show the New York artist’s constant engagement with his time and his tireless experimental way of working. He developed a minimalist visual language that often appears strictly geometric and simple, yet conveys a great sense of freedom. His iconic works and cross-media conceptual approaches went on to influence a wide range of artists in the generation that followed. This new monograph on the work of this American artist is the most comprehensive published to date. Examining Ted Stamm’s series and artistic language through essays by renowned scholars that place his work in the context of its time and discuss his contribution to the art historical canon, it provides an in-depth insight into Stamm’s multifaceted oeuvre.