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Sebastian Cramer
Two Views on Plants
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Artist: Sebastian Cramer
Texts by: Wim Wenders, Sebastian Cramer, David Campany, Susanne S. Renner, Tanja M. Schuster, Stefan Dressler, Birgit Kanz, Christian Printzen
Graphic Design: Julia Wagner
November 2022 , 192 Pages , 130 Ills.
Wendebuch (Hardcover)
308mm x 292mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5382-1
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| The Third Dimension
3D technology is not uncommon—we encounter it in cinema and in the virtual reality of video games. But even though creating an optical illusion of spatial depth, where there is none, is one of the oldest techniques in photography, stereoscopy receives little attention in contemporary photography. Unjustly so, as Sebastian Cramer’s timelessly fascinating works show. It is a unique aesthetic experience that these seemingly alien plants in cyan and red have to offer, which—when viewed through the enclosed 3D glasses—unfold into voluminous photo- graphic sculptures. Two Views on Plants is a book about our visual perception of space that is fundamental to our human experience.

Two Views on Plants is a Tête-bêche book and comes with two 3D glasses.

SEBASTIAN CRAMER (*1962, Berlin) is a German director, cinematographer, and photographer. An acclaimed 3D expert, he has worked on several major film productions with directors like Wim Wenders and Michel Comte. He has received numerous awards for his artistic works and technical inventions. In 2013 Cramer began the Two Views project, a contemporary expression of traditional stereo photography.
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