Berlin baut 1946 bis heute

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Author: Leander Zerwer German 2022, 164 Pages Paperback with flaps 252mm x 204mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5335-7

This book is a rousing profile of seven decades of building history in Berlin. Starting in 1946, the architecture of the city is narrated and illustrated for each year based on one building. The young designer Leander Zerwer looks at Berlin's architecture with a fresh eye. He captures buildings in colorful portraits in comic style and provides facts in info boxes. The selection of buildings playfully tells a story of the city since the end of World War II, through East and West Berlin, and with the fall of the Wall to the reunited capital. Examples of reconstruction or architectural showpieces, witnesses to the building boom of the post-reunification period and recent projects demonstrate the constant change in building types, styles and functions. A clear city map in the inside flap invites you to take a stroll through our capital city. 

LEANDER ZERWER (*2002) works as a graphic designer and illustrator in Berlin. He studied at the Lette Verein until 2021. With his final project Berlin baut he was nominated for the "Lette Design Award by Schindler". This is his first book. 

By mistake, the project "Visitor Center of the Berlin Wall Memorial" on page 136/137 of the book was falsely attributed to "Mola Architects" whereas it was implemented by Mola + Winkelmüller Architekten in 2009.