Blitzsymbol und Schlangentanz Aby Warburg und die Pueblo-Kunst

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Edited by: Christine Chávez, Uwe Fleckner Texts by: Bruce Bernstein, Christine Chávez, Adam Duran, Lindsey Drury, Uwe Fleckner, Rainer Hatoum, Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Lea McChesney, Nancy J. Parezo, Barbara Plankensteiner, Justin Richland, Erhard Schüttpelz, Sascha T. Scott, Bill Sherman, Matthew Vollgraff German 2022, 400 Pages Hardcover 300mm x 230mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5201-5
| Aby Warburg's Collection of Pueblo Art

The legacy of the art and cultural scientist Aby Warburg offers many subjects for reassessment. Almost unknown until now are the artifacts he collected on a journey through the southwest of the US in 1895/96 and donated to the Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg (today Museum am Rothenbaum). The results first unfolded in Warburg's famous lecture on the “snake ritual” of the Hopi (1923). Following Warburg’s transdisciplinary approach, this publication examines his guiding principles in assembling his collection as well as his reading of Pueblo art and culture. It pays tribute to the works and their artistic significance and sheds light on the circumstances of acquisition in the sociopolitical environment of the Pueblo communities of the time. The contemporary fascination with the snake ritual is also a topic. Set against this are the previously neglected perspectives and strategies of Pueblo leaders to regain interpretive sovereignty over culturally sensitive content and imagery.

This book is also available in English.

ABY WARBURG (1866–1929) is considered as the founder of a modern art history oriented towards cultural studies. His research was mainly concerned with the investigation of the afterlife of antiquity in the Renaissance, which he recorded in his iconic Bilderatlas Mnemosyne.
Museum am Rothenbaum. Kulturen und Künste der Welt (MARKK), Hamburg
March 4, 2022–January 8, 2023