Das druckgraphische Werk von Matthäus Merian d. Ä. Bd. 5: America

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Author: Lucas Heinrich Wüthrich German 2024, 224 Pages, 58 Ills. Hardcover with dust jacket 229mm x 165mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5192-6
| Images of America in the 17th Century

The versatility of Matthäus Merian the Elder, considered to be the most prolific engraver in the German-speaking world of the 17th century, is expressed in his countless smaller works as well as his major book publications. Volume 5 of the collected prints is now dedicated to Merian’s Newe Welt Und Americanische Historien, published together with Johann Ludwig Gottfried in 1631, which continues Theodor De Bry’s travelogue collections. They were to have a lasting influence on the image of America well into the 18th century. The now available, carefully edited and revised fifth volume concludes Lucas Heinrich Wüthrich’s nearly six-decade treatment of the printed works of Matthäus Merian.

A native of the distinguished Merian family of Basel, MATTHÄUS MERIAN THE ELDER (1593–1650) published numerous maps, city views and chronicles as an engraver and publisher. His main work is Topographia Germaniae, which appeared from 1642.

LUCAS HEINRICH WÜTHRICH (*1927) studied history and art history in Basel, Paris, and Berlin. For three decades he conducted teaching and research at the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, focusing on questions of cultural history and ancient art in Switzerland.