Anita Albus Die Kunst zu sehen | The Art of Seeing

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Edited by: Anette Hüsch Texts by: Regina Göckede, Anette Hüsch Graphic Design: German, English 2022, 152 Pages, 65 Ills. Hardcover 392mm x 232mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5174-2
| Art as Natural Science

At first glance, Anita Albus’s artistic practice seems like a welcome anachronism in the midst of the fast pace of contemporary art production: the artist creates detailed images of plants and animals using color pigments she makes herself. She is inspired, among other things, by the still lifes of the Old Masters. Albus operates within the realm of the contemporary, recognizing the disappearance of species as a vanishing of culture. With her art, Albus moves at the intersection of meticulous nature research, creative work and high craftsmanship – the results are detailed and colorful illustrations. In 2016, Kunsthalle Kiel purchased a collection of her works through the Karl-Walter Breitling und Charlotte-Breitling-Stiftung and published the accompanying book The Art of Seeing. The new edition of this enchanting survey volume invites the reader on a discovery tour of Albus’s artistic research.

ANITA ALBUS (*1942) is a writer, illustrator, and artist. In addition to her art, she has published several literary works that have won numerous awards and allows narrative and illustrative forms of representation to merge.