Die fabelhafte Geschichte des Riesen Théophile

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Texts by: Marc Beaugé Illustrations: Édouard Baribeaud German 2022, 40 Pages, 40 Ills. Hardcover 295mm x 205mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5167-4

Théophile is tall, in fact, very tall. The bigger he gets, the more this size complicates his life. One day, he discovers the fine store of a tailor, which becomes a revelation for him: Here, Théophile feels comfortable and the clothes fit him like a glove. In these tailored suits, Théophile finds himself beautiful for the first time. He discovers elegance – and acceptance of his otherness. Lovingly and entertainingly, this beautiful tale with its attractive drawings about fashion and craftsmanship introduces readers to current issues around diversity, multiplicity, and self-empowerment. It is sure to inspire young and adult readers alike.

The French-German artist ÉDOUARD BARIBEAUD (*1984) enchants the art scene with his exotic-popular pictorial worlds between figuration and abstract ornamentation. Classical-opulent sceneries meet contemporary themes. Hermès is one of his clients. This is his first children’s book.

MARC BEAUGÉ (*1980) is one of France’s best-known experts on men’s fashion. The journalist writes for Le Monde, among others, is a columnist for the TV magazine Quotidien and founder of the fashion magazine L'Étiquette.
Galerie Klaus Gerrit Friese, Berlin
March 12–April 22, 2022