Florian Reinhardt EXIT

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Foreword: Dr. Norbert Moos Texts by: Anne Avramut, Ani Menua, Florian Reinhardt Edited by: Rudolf Budja English September 2021, 160 Pages, 90 Ills. Hardcover 258mm x 258mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5104-9
| Snapshots as a visual strategy

Snapshots of exit signs: Over a period of nearly ten years, Florian Reinhardt captured a total of 1,024 examples of this genre around the world with his iPhone camera. Intentionally affectless, depersonalized, and repetitive, these photos offer a concentrated view of these ubiquitous and universal signifiers in a world awash with signs. Reinhardt explores the meanings of this signage by giving special attention to industrially produced, practical objects. His photographs function like an inverted telescope, highlighting details and placing them in a personal, narrative context.

FLORIAN REINHARDT (*1978) is a filmmaker, director, and photographer. He works with moving and static images as well as installations. He focuses on details of readymades. He lives in Cologne and works all over the world.