Liliane Tomasko We Sleep Where We Fall. Paintings 2000–2020

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Edited by: Kelly Grovier Texts by: Raphy Sarkissian, Kirsten Voigt Graphic Design: Studio Martin Steiner English 2021, 268 Pages, 156 Ills. Quarterbound hardcover 297mm x 248mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5091-2
| Textile, Texture and Abstraction

For over twenty years Liliane Tomasko has explored the themes of dreams, sleep, and the unconscious. This book follows the development of her work as a painter. It begins with figurative works in oil on canvas in which she captures the material qualities of unmade beds, piles of clothes, and other melancholy still lifes and somber interiors. It then traces the gradual dissolution of these initial motifs and the emergence of her abstract paintings in which intertwined lines and layers of color are woven into visual structures and materialized as emotions that allow us to look deep into our innermost being.

LILIANE TOMASKO (*1967) is a Swiss artist of Hungarian origin. She attended Camberwell College in London from 1991-92, completed a BA in Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 1995 and graduated with an MA in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Arts in 1998. Tomasko lives and works in Bavaria and New York.