Jean Molitor Bau2haus - neues zur moderne in der welt

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Edited by: Nadine Barth Texts by: Kaija Voss Graphic Design: Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt German, English 2021, 160 Pages, 100 Ills. Hardcover 294mm x 254mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5052-3
| Bauhaus Around the Globe

No question that the Bauhaus was the most influential institution on architecture in the twentieth century. But does this aesthetic legacy live on in buildings? In what shape do we encounter it today, after about 100 years, in changing cityscapes? The photographer Jean Molitor has examined this question in depth all around the world. In his new illustrated volume bau2haus, he tracks the architecture that owes something to the Bauhaus and its special style across the globe. In strongly contrasted black-and-white photographs he draws attention to these fascinating structures. Selected with a meticulous eye, the photos play with perspective, perfectly balancing the openness and existing volume of each building. The result is a vivid history of architecture that readers will hardly be able to get enough of.
Previously published by Hatje Cantz: bau1haus - die moderne in der welt (2018)

JEAN MOLITOR (*1960) studied fine arts photography at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. He is known around the globe as a documentary filmmaker as well as a specialist in street and architectural photography. His works have been seen in many exhibitions worldwide. He is based in Berlin.
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Berlin, September 2021
German Embassy, Ankara, November 2021
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