Margrit Linck Vogelfrauen und Vasenkörper

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Texts by: Regula Linck, Beat Wismer Graphic Design: Franziska Schott & Marco Schibig German, English 2021, 264 Pages, 150 Ills. Hardcover with dust jacket 282mm x 216mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4904-6
| Ceramic Creations Between Everyday World and Sculptural Form

Margrit Linck is one of the twentieth century’s most prominent ceramics artists. Over the course of her five-decade-long career, the ceramicist developed utilitarian pottery as well as a unique artistic oeuvre that deserves to be rediscovered. This book therefore focuses on her sculptures, which break up the simplicity and formal language of utilitarian ceramics and expand them into the playful and surreal: jugs grow birds beaks, vases take on feminine forms. On the one hand, we encounter the artist and ceramicist Margrit Linck through a personal perspective, and on the other, her work is presented within the context of twentieth-century art movements, especially Surrealism. The attractive illustrated section allows readers to delve deeper into the work and makes its clear how current and refreshing Linck’s work remains to this day.

MARGRIT LINCK (1897–1983) grew up in Wichtrach, near Bern. In the 1930s she and her husband, the sculptor Walter Linck, often sojourned in Paris, where they encountered avant-garde art. Back in Switzerland in the 1940s, she was the first woman to open up her own ceramics studio. Up until her death she continued to produce an impressive series of ceramic sculptures, which were shown both in Switzerland and abroad.