Brigitte Waldach Schimmer – Marta-Preis der Wemhöner Stiftung 2020

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Edited by: Marta Herford Texts by: Roland Nachtigäller, Brigitte Waldach, Heiner Wemhöner Graphic Design: Andrea Schürings, büro für mitteilungen German, English Februar 2021, 144 Pages, 80 Ills. Hardcover 290mm x 225mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4852-0
| Visualization of Thought Processes

In picturesque text clouds, spatial drawings, and sound installations, Brigitte Waldach explores surprising connections from our cultural and contemporary history. In her impressive drawings she deals with Germany’s past, but also with literature, music, emotion, and violence. She succeeds in creating haunting constellations and illuminating fields of context that challenge our senses and our thinking. In 2020 she was awarded the Marta Prize from the Wemhöner Foundation, which, for the first time, is combined with a solo exhibition at the Museum Marta Herford and a catalogue. This catalogue not only brings together the works shown in the exhibition, but also supplements them with other key works. In this way, themes and motifs are contextualized and space is provided for the development of complex trains of thought and reference systems in Brigitte Waldach’s Œuvre.

BRIGITTE WALDACH (*1966, Berlin) studied art education, art science, and German language and literature, before completing her studies in fine arts at the Berlin University of the Arts as a graduate student under Georg Baselitz. Her large-format drawings and multimedia installations are in exhibitions and collections around the world.
Marta Herford, Herford
September 21, 2020–May 24, 2021