Coverbild Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
Aerial Observations on Airports
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Edited by: Nadine Barth
Texts by: Alain de Botton
Graphic Design: Tom Hegen
Artist: Tom Hegen
February 2021 , 176 Pages , 100 Ills.
318mm x 232mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4851-3
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ǀ Icarus on the Ground
“Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless . . .” The photographer Tom Hegen became internationally known with his aerial photographs, which deal primarily with the human landscape. They succeed in making us aware of what humans do with the earth. How we shape and process it, and how we destroy it.
What happens now, when airports are in a state of emergency and suddenly have to shut down due to health precautions, as was the case during the coronavirus pandemic? Tom Hegen also took advantage of this historic moment for his own work and used helicopter flights to take unique aerial photographs of resting runways. Strictly structured compositions were created that show the largest German airports in geometric clarity. It is not humankind who intervenes in nature here, but rather nature that influences us.

TOM HEGEN (*1991) is a photographer and designer based in Munich. He has received several awards, most recently the Red Dot Design Award (2018) and the German Design Award (2019). His pictures are represented in German and European institutions, and are regularly published in magazines such as GEO, Die Zeit, and FAZ.
»"Aerial photos reveal hidden beauty of airports"«
Oscar Holland
CNN Style
»"German photographer Tom Hegen is known for his brilliant aerial photography. Often taken from a helicopter, Hegen's photos have explored everything from tulip fields to salt ponds. For this latest project, he took advantage of the unique circumstances that COVID-19 created to photograph an often overlooked environment—the airport."«
Jessica Stewart
My Modern Met
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