Claudio Hils Heimatfront – Bühnenbilder des Krieges | Home Front – Staging Wars

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Edited by: Stefanie Hoch, Markus Landert, Edwin Ernst Weber Contributions: Tobias Daniek, Claudio Hils, Stefanie Hoch, Bernd Stiegler, Edwin Ernst Weber Graphic Design: Claudio Hils, Schütte Thomas Karl German, English 2020, 256 Pages, 107 Ills. Clothbound with dust jacket 296mm x 246mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4843-8
| Between Reality and Fiction

For decades, Claudio Hils has shown in his photographs how the power of the state as well as war and terror have been reflected in mostly hidden spaces: His series Archive_Belfast (2004) documents the indirect traces of years of conflict in Northern Ireland. Industrie Zeit Raum (2005) is an attempt to use photographic images to capture the ambivalent approach to the past and present that companies from the defense industry have pursued in the Lake Constance region. With Red Land, Blue Land (2000) Claudio Hils provided the first series of unique images of a military training ground. Now he was granted access again to nine military bases in southern Germany over a period of five years. Home Front – Staging War showcases the places where emergency operations, counter-terrorism and warlike scenarios are simulated in analog and digital form to safeguard social order.
Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Suisse,
September 27–April 18, 2021