Midnight on Main

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Edited by: Nadine Barth Texts by: Daniel Freeman Graphic Design: Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt English 2020, 128 Pages, 78 Ills. Hardcover 308mm x 238mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4817-9
| Promenade through the American night

Night time has always captivated those who see the world differently. When everything has come to rest, lights go out, phones have gone silent and doors have been locked, the nocturnal quiet is embraced to transcend the beauty of the world to its own. This fascination with the way things appear at night is deeply embedded in Daniel Freeman's photography, and finds its way into Midnight on Main together with strong influences of American popular culture. Away from the frantic pace of large sleepless cities, Daniel Freeman explores the quieter side of the American night as a nocturnal flâneur, portraying the charm of small towns across the United States and of a lessershown America. Complemented by stars and moonlight, he follows what is still left of the American Dream and traces the special kind of American culture, that since its invention has not failed to amaze. Midnight on Main documents the silent grace and illuminated beauty amplified through the prolonged and peaceful interludes of calm that stretch between dusk and dawn. Urban landscape at its best.

DANIEL FREEMAN (*1984) lives in Buckinghamshire, England and has specialized in night photography for over a decade. He was awarded a "Fellowship" by the British Institute of Professional Photography, and "Qualified European Photographer" by the Federation of European Professional Photographers for his nocturnal image capture. He currently lectures in Photography and holds night photography seminars and workshops on behalf of photographic institutes.

»"Over the past decade, Freeman has made frequent trips to the US to take night-time shots to capture the 'charm' of small American towns, culminating in his new photobook Midnight on Main."«