Coverbild Into the Spotlight
Ins Licht gerückt
Into the Spotlight
Ins Licht gerückt
Into the Spotlight
Art at Baloise
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Edited by: Martin Schwander im Auftrag der Baloise
Texts by: Manuela Ammer, Julika Bosch, Kathleen Bühler, Andreas Burckhardt, David Campany, Marianne Dobner, Julie Enckell Julliard, Marie-Noelle Farcy, Philippe Fürstenberger, Roberto Gargiani, Isabelle Guggenheim, Sharon Hecker, Dora Imhof, Philipp Kaiser, Brigitte Kölle, Ulrich Loock, Letizia Ragaglia, Anna Rosellini, Martin Schwander, Dieter Schwarz, Beat Wismer
Graphic Design: Teo Schifferli
Institution: Baloise, Basel
Artist: Miriam Cahn, Katharina Fritsch, Simon Fujiwara, Bruce Naumann, Jeff Wall
September 2020 , 244 Pages, 320 Ills.
hardcover with dust jacket
288mm x 234mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4672-4
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| Masterful Works on Paper and Photographs
The Swiss company Baloise has a reputation among art experts, but not just as an insurance and financial services company. With its programs that support art, its collaborations with museums, and the renowned Baloise Art Prize for young artists, which is awarded at Art|Basel, the company has had a lasting effect on the development of contemporary art. Less well-known up to now is the fact that, parallel to the company’s activities, it has also built a first-class art collection, which dates back to the mid-twentieth century. Since turning to contemporary art in the 1990s, the company has collected the works of notable artists. With a focus on photography and works on paper from the 1960s onward, some of the artists represented in the collection are Miriam Cahn, Simon Denny, Katharina Fritsch, Bruce Nauman, and Jeff Wall. Into the Spotlight. Art at Baloise is the first publication to provide a broader audience with an overview of the collection. Informative texts by prestigious authors accompany the artworks.

Headquartered in Basel, the BALOISE insurance and financial services company began collecting art in the mid-twentieth century. In the 1990s the focus on art from Basel expanded as the company built a far-reaching program to support the arts, opening up to international contemporary art on paper, and photography.
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