100 Norwegian Photographers

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Edited by: Ina Otzko Texts by: Antonio Cataldo, Jens Friis, Paul Halliday, Celina Lunsford Graphic Design: Paul Dring / Hothorse Design Bureau English 2019, 432 Pages Hardcover with dust jacket 304mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4610-6
| 100 Photographers, One Country

Curated and edited by the artist Ina Otzko, 100 Norwegian Photographers is a magnificent volume of photos from today’s Norwegian photography scene. Otzko gives one hundred contemporary photographers from her country the space to show their best images, including renowned figures such as Dag Alveng, Jonas Bendiksen, Knut Bry, Morten Krogvold, Annemor Larsen, Crispin Gurholt and Mikkel McAlinden. With several double pages for each photographer, the book is a vivid archive of Norwegian photography, uniting the most diverse genres, from landscapes to portraits, experimental photography to snapshots. It provides an extensive overview of the mysterious country in the north, the land of glaciers and fjords, showing it in brilliant facets—witty, absurd, poetic, political, special.INA OTZKO (*1972, Alsten Island, Norway) is an artist and independent curator. She holds masters from Goldsmiths, London and Udk, Berlin. Her work is exhibited internationally. In 2018 she was awarded the new art prize Twendeprisen for her work as a visual artist and for her engagement with the arts in Norway and abroad.