Liam Gillick Half a Complex

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Texts by: Liam Gillick Graphic Design: Liam Gillick English 2019, 400 Pages, 480 Ills. Hardcover 318mm x 258mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4543-7
| The paradox of contemporary art

Liam Gillick (*1964, Aylesbury, United Kingdom) is one of the most prominent representatives of new  developments in conceptual art. The title of his new publication Half a Complex refers to an interest in systems of development and production, suggesting a sense of deliberate incompletion at the heart of the oeuvre. The distinct bodies of work reveal a self-conscious commentary on the conditions of production and reception that surround art today. Alongside the in-depth documentation of Gillick’s various graphic works, films, and exhibitions since 2008, the monograph features an extensive body of texts by Gillick who is also a prolific writer and critic of contemporary art.