Blaise Reutersward

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Texts by: Natalia Goldin Lundh Graphic Design: Johan Svensson German, English, Russian 2018, 72 Pages, 30 Ills. Softcover 290mm x 242mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4456-0
| Women, buildings, landscapes: a present-day romantic and his search for beauty

Blaise Reutersward’s immersive large-format photographs of haunting architectural environments and exquisite female faces reflect an unconscious, evasive and surreal state of being in-between dream and reality. Presented in a carefully designed sequence, the images create a hypnotic narrative, abstract yet familiar in its distinct references to the European art and history. Most of the images were photographed in historically significant settings in Germany and Russia, two cultures that for years have fascinated the artist whose entire oeuvre is permeated by the sublime aesthetics of the great Romanticism.This publication is based on the most recent body of work from 2015—2018. Reutersward has exhibited his work worldwide over the last two decades. He has also gained international recognition for his beauty and fashion captures for the likes of Vogue and Hermès.