Coverbild Marc Mimram: Structure | Light
Marc Mimram: Structure | Light
Landscapes of Gravity Through the Lens of Erieta Attali
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Author: Erieta Attali, Marc Mimram
Edited by: Erieta Attali
Texts by: Erieta Attali, Jean Attali, Paul Chemetov, Sir Peter Cook, Ariel Genadt, Zvi Hecker, Marc Mimram
Graphic Design: KOMA AMOK
Artist: Erieta Attali, Marc Mimram
English, French
December 2019 , 328 Pages , 236 Ills.
hardcover, 3 volumes
391mm x 201mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4403-4
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| A powerful dialogue between Architecture and Photography
Marc Mimram (*1955, Paris), award-winning architect and engineer, presents his work of architecture and structure through the lens of Erieta Attali (1966, Tel Aviv-Jaffa), world-renowned architectural photographer, who explores the relationship between human-made structures and the landscape. Architecture is often represented as a product or disembodied object. This view transforms inhabitants into spectators of an architecture that is dematerialized, delocalized, dehumanized and reduced into an image of itself. The collaboration between Mimram and Attali aims for an all-encompassing approach, placing the architecture within its time-frame and physical environment, rather than presenting mere glossy images of the projects. This triple volume builds a new visual vocabulary through which to interpret the structures. The social functionality of public architecture is addressed, largely absent in architectural photography and the communication of built space until now. The first volume focuses on a two-year photographic documentation of the construction of the Airtime building in Paris. The second volume presents an overview of Mimram’s works around the world: bridges, train stations and academic institutions from France to Morocco and China. The third volume focuses on the newly redesigned home to the French Open, Roland-Garros. With texts by Marc Mimram, Erieta Attali, Ariel Genadt, Jean Attali, Paul Chemetov, Zvi Hecker and Sir Peter Cook."Architecture is an art of transformation, the dialog between the photography and the projects can participate to the understanding of its coherency, its generosity.” – Marc MimramERIETA ATTALI (*1966, Tel Aviv) is a New York and Paris based architecture and landscape photographer. She has a Ph.D. from the School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.Her architectural work expands from Europe to Americas and from Asia to Australia. Attali is the co-author of the Glass Wood | Erieta Attali on Kengo Kuma, author of the Periphery. An Archeology of Light and co-author of Marc Mimram: Structure | Light Landscapes of Gravity Through the Lens of Erieta Attali
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