Andreas Straub Anleitung zur Sehstörung

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Edited by: Bernhard Hainz Texts by: Carl Djerassi, Bernhard Hainz, Heinz Stahlhut Graphic Design: Malte Kaune German, English 2017, 225 Pages Hardcover 275mm x 190mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4394-5
| Surveying the Swiss artist’s work

The artist’s book by Andreas Straub (*1941, Basel) provides an overview of the Swiss artist’s more than fifty-year-long career, as well as a look at prospective pieces that the artist is working on, but has yet to finish.Andreas Straub works with diverse media, from painting and drawing to photography and computer-generated pieces. Generally, he produces large cycles (“Distanz”, “DNArt”, “Decimal Digit System”), in which the artist examines the formation of the universe and human life from changing perspectives. Comprehensive scientific analysis is as much a part of his work as is the creativity that he brings to the research process. Divided into three long chapters, the publication also includes texts by long-term friends and acquaintances that supply a precise picture of Straub and his oeuvre.