Die Entzifferung der Welt Eine Erzählung zu neuen Bildern von Léopold Rabus

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Author: Markus Stegmann Graphic Design: Barbieri Bucher German, French 2017, 84 Pages Otabind with dust jacket 212mm x 135mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4338-9
| A little reader on new paintingy by Léopold Rabus

Léopold Rabus (*1977 in Neuchâtel) is considered one of the most gifted Swiss representatives of figurative painting. His colorful, in part photorealistic pictures radiate into the darkest corners of human existence and feature Rabus’s everyday surroundings: abandoned summer houses, derelict barns, eroding single-family homes behind tall hedges. The viewer encounters quirky loners and peripheral figures.
The present publication is an art book of the literary kind. Author Markus Stegmann approaches Rabus’s paintings in a narrative, not in terms of art history but in personal empathy with their figures and their respective moods and associations. The book takes an uncustomary look at the works by Léopold Rabus and shines a light on how literary language can be employed when one considers artistic works.

Exhibition: 21 May—3 September 2017, Museum Langmatt