Oda Jaune White Sculptures

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Texts by: Olivier Kaeppelin Graphic Design: Anna-Clea Skoluda German, English, French 2017, 128 Pages, 59 Ills. Hardcover 307mm x 235mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4297-9
| From canvas to porcelain—new oeuvres from the Surrealist

Oda Jaune is known as a painter who feels a deep obligation to a very physical kind of Surrealism. Often floating in a vague space, her brilliantly colored creatures are painted with virtuosity. Abstract forms swirl outward, like commentaries on painting itself—which also brings forth imaginary forms. Fired at 1200 degrees centigrade, Oda Jaune enters new territory with her life-sized porcelain sculptures, as this is her first time working in this medium. The white configurations—often torsos—which are either vessels or clasped hands, are consciously photographed in neutral colors and printed in an elaborate triplex process for this monograph. This method allows for the depth and luminosity of the new works to appear more clearly—and to reproduce them in all of their timelessness.