Sven Kroner

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Edited by: Oliver Zybok Texts by: Rudi Fuchs, Nadia Ismail, Stan Petrusa, Oliver Zybok Graphic Design: Ulrich Pester German, English 2017, 160 Pages, 65 Ills. Hardcover 300mm x 226mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4294-8
| From idyll to irony

The acrylic paintings by the Düsseldorf-based painter Sven Kroner (*1973 in Kempten) have an element of longing nourished by memories of things past. At the same time, they also tell of the desire for fateful unpredictability and irrationality. What the viewer often initially reads as the pleasant feeling of an idyll in the style of the old masters, frequently dissolves into an experience imbued with irony and unreality: it is not an airplane that comes down over Kroner’s model railroad-like fir forests, but rather a vessel. The coast guard suffers shipwreck on rich green stretches of land, with no sea in sight. These skillfully staged inconsistencies cause the viewer to experience the naturalistic as the fantastic, and vice versa. The monograph presents a first opportunity to become acquainted with this oeuvre and its development.