Nalini Malani The Rebellion of the Dead, Retrospective 1969–2018, Part I

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Edited by: Sophie Duplaix Graphic Design: Willem Morelis English, French 2017, 240 Pages, 242 Ills. Hardcover 281mm x 207mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4290-0
| Major overview of the Indian artist icon

A pioneering artist in film, photography, video art and performance, Indian artist Nalini Malani is a transition figure between the modern and contemporary art of her country. Her work, which criticizes the political situation in India, is based not only on an iconography typical of the subcontinent’s culture, but also on Western artistic and literary tradition. The Centre Pompidou is staging France’s first retrospective of the Indian artist Nalini Malani. In the exhibition as well as the corresponding catalogue, the artist presents works from 1969-2017, covering almost five decades of her oeuvre. On this occasion, she also reactivates a spectacular work from the museum’s collections: the “video shadow theatre” Remembering Mad Meg (2007). Through this circuit Nalini Malani evokes the concepts underlying her work: utopias, dystopia, and her vision of India and the position of women throughout the world.Exhibition: 18.10.2017-8.1.2018, Centre Pompidou, Paris (Part I); 17.9.2018–6.1.2019, Castello di Rivoli, Turin (Part II)