horizonte horizons orizzonti horizons Beiträge zu Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft - 50 Jahre Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft

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Edited by: Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft Texts by: Oskar Bätschmann, Jacqueline Burckhardt, Kurt W. Forster, June Hargrove, Philippe Junod, Ernst van de Wetering, Beat Wyss u.v.a. German, English, French, Italian 2001, 512 Pages, 296 Ills. Clothbound 271mm x 200mm
ISBN: 978-3-908196-00-6

For exactly 50 years, the renowned Swiss Institute for Art Research at Zurich/Lausanne has been dedicated to the study of art history and art technology. The central authority for the documentation of and information about Swiss Art in modern times, the institute catalogues pictures and sculptures, keeps a library, a department of documentation, an archive of photographs as well as a databank. It also conceives of exhibition concepts, publishes books, catalogues raisonnés and collection catalogues and also serves to investigate, conserve or restore, examine and appraise original works of art. Scholarly exchange is yet another focus of the institute's work, a fact documented by the extensive festschrift whose programmatic title indicates its multilingual, international orientation: In 54 essays, well-known authors in the field from various countries present the results of their research, and each in his respective language: The thematically, chronologically, geographically and methodologically rather broadly conceived range of topics in this anthology of art and theory of art goes well beyond the institute's narrower sphere of interest.