Sylvie Fleury

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Edited by: Renate Wiehager German, English 1999, 144 Pages, 132 Ills. Softcover 164mm x 238mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-973-4

Since around 1990 the Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury has brought the luxurious consumer goods from fashion and the cosmetic industry into the context of art as ready-mades - shopping bags by Yamamoto, cosmetics by Chanel or Cartier, shoes by Claude Montana. Her repertoire draws on all aspects of luxury products that convey a synthetic ideal of beauty: the covers of fashion magazines, aerobic videos featuring top models, or slimming products. By translating popular feminine material into the context of art, she demonstrates a decisively female viewpoint. Fleury always goes on big shopping expeditions to prepare for her exhibitions - and shopping is a term that can also easily be applied to her attitude to the classical positions of modernism in 20th-century art, which she employs as quotes with plenty of wit and irony. This is the first comprehensive German-language publication on Fleury's work. In her work, she formulates "a radical critique of (male) modernism by means of (female) fashion and - by depicting art and fashion on top of each other - shows art as fashion." (Peter Weibel)