John M. Armleder At any Speed

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Contributions: Parker Williams mit dem Künstler Texts by: Lionel Bovier/Christophe Cherix, Dr. Margrit Brehm, Axel Heil, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio Edited by: Dr. Margrit Brehm German, English April 1999, 208 Pages, 234 Ills. Hardcover 310mm x 234mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-970-3
This book is the first comprehensive monograph, which shows a representative selcetion of his works from the last 30 years.

John M Armleder became internationally famous in the mid-eighties with the 'Neo-Geo' movement. By that time he could already look back on twenty years of artistic achievement as the initiator of the Geneva Fluxus group 'Ecart', as a constructivist-inspired graphic artist and as the organiser of art events. Along with his Dot-Paintings, by 1980 he had already begun creating Combines, installations using pieces of furniture. In these Furniture Sculptures he has succeeded right up until now in pointing up the discourse on art and life in the 20th century with a light touch. Modernism and post-modernism, constructivism and deconstructivism - Armleder works in the intermediary zones, questioning the relationship between pictures and things - in other words, what we call habits of seeing. John M Armleder's presentations are among the most subtly sensitive and formally exciting works in contemporary art. This book documents his latest exhibition, which shows a representative selection of his works from the last 30 years. The artist: John M Armleder, born 1948 in Geneva. 1966/67 Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Geneva. 1969 founded the 'Groupe Ecart' with Patrick Lucchini and Claude Rychner. 1973-1980 'Galerie Ecart' in Geneva. Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, including the 1986 Venice Biennale and the 1987 documenta VIII in Kassel.